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“Journeys” Available

The Hope Journey has been written in line with key areas of the Religious Education Syllabus. People of all faiths are welcome to engage.

Each Journey is written specifically for one or two year groups in primary education. From early years in Reception right through to year 6, all children are catered for.
The guidance for Hope Journey is that by working in partnership with your local primary school, churches
can run an event for one year group at a time, meaning that you can repeat it each year for a different group of children.On the left you will see all of the ‘Journeys’ that we currently offer. All come with full training and support from a member of our team, scripts for all workshops, school resource packs and further materials that you may

Key Stage 1
  • Meet the characters of the Nativity- Yr 2
  • A Special Christmas Journey
  • Journey with the Kings- Yr 1
  • Sharing Parables- Reception or foundation
Key Stage 2
  • Remembering- Yr 6
  • Cross Factor – Yr 5
  • A Special Easter Journey
  • Boxes of Joy- Yr 5 or 4
  • Cre-8 – Yr 4
  • Healthy Living- Yr 4 or 3
  • Explore- Yr 3
  • Journey to the Old Testament- Yr 3
Key Stage 3
  • Encounters along the way- Yrs 7,8,9