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A Hope Journey exploring signs, symbols, religious books & artefacts. Exploring these areas in Islam, Judaism and Christianity with the emphasis placed upon our area of expertise, Christianity.

Pupils have the opportunity to ‘explore’ within a church setting the various artefacts and objects that can be found within a church and each objects purpose. (E.g. Font, Pulpit, Organ etc.)

Individuals with also consider the purpose, importance, similarities and differences between  ‘Prayer’ in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.


 Within the craft and refreshments workshops, pupils examine stained glass windows and the symbolism and use of colour within them. Pupils will then be given the chance to design their own stained glass window. 


 As well a exploring the ‘physical’ and ‘spiritual’ aspects of the Christian church, pupils will also have the chance to learn about the leadership of the Christian church’s various denominations through a game of ‘pairs’ with a difference!